How to use


Select between Flaminal Hydro and Flaminal Forte based on the amount of exudate.

  • Choose Flaminal Hydro for wounds that are dry or have mild to moderate amounts of exudate. This generally means wounds in which the dressing can stay in place for 3-4 days.
  • Choose Flaminal Forte for wounds that have moderate to heavy amounts of exudate. Flaminal Forte wounds are generally changed every 1-2 days.
  1. Clean and rinse the wound as you would normally.
  2. Dab dry carefully.
  3. Apply a thick layer (5mm) of either Flaminal Hydro or Flaminal Fortee to the wound in a sterile manner. Flaminal does not need to spill over the wound edge.


The choice of dressing should be based on the type of lesion:
Dry wound: transparent film (polyurethane) or paraffin gauze fixed by a non-adhesive bandage
Slightly exuding: non-adherent dressing fixed by a nonadhesive bandage or by a hypoallergenic, adhesive tape
Moderately exuding: absorbent, non-adherent compress fixed by a non-adhesive bandage or a hypoallergenic, adhesive tape.
Very heavily exuding: absorbent non-adherent compress fixed by a nonadhesive bandage or a hypoallergenic, adhesive tape


The dressing can stay in place for as long as the gel structure is intact: 1-4 days, depending upon the amount of exudate.
For wounds treated with Flaminal Hydro, ie, lower exudate wounds, this generally means every 3-4 days. Flaminal Forte wounds, being higher in exudate, are usually changed every 1-2 days.


In the initial phase of the treatment the wound may seem to become larger. This is a normal part of the healing process in which dead tissue is eliminated.

Change from Flaminal Forte to Flaminal Hydro as exudate reduces.

When using Flaminal Hydro, if the gel becomes too liquid, the wound is too wet for Flaminal Hydro. Use Flaminal Forte.

When using Flaminal Forte, if dry flakes of alginate appear in the wound, the wound is too dry for Flaminal Forte. Use Flaminal Hydro.

During Flaminal treatment, dry whitish alginate flakes may appear on the wound border. They should not be removed. The flakes will prevent border maceration. Maceration slows the healing process.